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Loyalty Programs Take a New Turn

Retail Dive recently wrote about the upsurge of premium loyalty programs. The Great Recession had retailers scrambling for customers and sales. Coupons, discounts and loyalty programs were key in attracting hard-pressed shoppers looking for good deals and values. Upscale retailers balked at this approach, which undercut their image, making it difficult to compete with stores that offered lesser or middle-of-the-road quality. Gary Friedman, CEO and Chairman of Restoration Hardware, said...
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Prepping for Generation Z

The big furor over the past couple of years has been all about Millennials, and even though Millennials occupy the largest demographic of any generation, it’s getting to be old news. Retailers need to get ready for the new generation of consumers: Generation Z. This is the group that was born between 1996 and 2010. The Wharton School Of Business calls them “Millennials on Steroids.” Millennials prefer to...
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Retailers Face Labor Challenges

JD Software group just released a study of over 250 store managers where more than half felt unprepared to face the labor challenges of the omni-channel marketplace. The factors that are causing this uncertainty are new and demanding customer needs, omni-channel operations, new labor legislation and the millennial workforce. About 52% of respondents have not yet deployed a modern workforce management solution into their planning process. The consumer demands seamless methods of...
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