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Fall 2014 Ready to Wear New York Trend Report


Where have all the colors gone? Muted, subtle and neutral are the most prevalent color trends for Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear, at least from the New York contingency.

Blush, taupe, nude, black and white with tiny splashes of color were on the palettes of many of the New York designers. Red seems to be one of the favored pops of color, with a bold jewel tone teal as another burst of color spotted. This richer tone of green is much more flattering and easier for customers to wear than the Kelly green that many color trend forecasters were pushing last year.

You’ll recall that blush and nude have been popular for the last few years in the swimwear category. This very pale tint looks great on women with dark shading and especially brunettes, but it’s a difficult tone for people with lighter skin tones and blondes to pull off. Also, not everyone will want to blend into the wallpaper. Keep alternatives available for those customers as well.

Here are some of the top trends from the recent New York shows.  Keep in mind that these neutral colors will need bold and colorful accessories for a stylish contrast.


1. Thakoon Addition

Show: New York, 1/30/2014

Here’s an example of the color favored for Fall 2014. Pale blush. The loopy texture of the sweater is a perfect sample of another very popular trend spotted: texture.

2. Gary Graham

Show: New York, 2/4/2014

A very interesting runway show.  Motifs were a blend of antique Turkish rugs and modern tweeds. The lovely tweeds were layered with furs and leathers. Especially wonderful leggings.

3. Threeasfour

Show: New York, 2/13/2014

The culmination of the creative juices of three different designers, this line speaks of originality, architecture and geometry. A math lesson or a great pair of pants? For the bold retail customer who is not afraid to wear origami, quilting and texture as a fashion statement and marches to a different drummer.

4. Clover Canyon

Show: New York, 2/13/2014

Not every designer jumped onto the black, white and neutral bandwagon. Clover Canyon is known for electric, bold, digital, colorful graphic prints. They did not disappoint.

5. Proenza Schouler

Show: New York, 2/12/2014

A number of up-trending statements at this show, the tweeds, the pattern mixing, the color jade, the animal prints. Here’s a silhouette that was spotted all over, the cocoon shaped jacket. Shoulders were rounded on all lengths of jackets. This is a must-have profile for Fall 2014.

6. Marc Jacobs

Show: New York, 2/13/2014

Neutrals, pastels and lighter than air chiffons, Loose, breezy and tea party ready. Of course in the fall and winter you may have to slip on a long underwear shirt to keep the chill off.

7. Calvin Klein

Show: New York, 2/13/2014

Another muted palette. With long tweedy silhouettes and touches of our new favorite jade. Lots of texture here as well.

8. Jason Wu

Show: New York, 2/7/2014

Graceful shapes and a slightly less muted palette for charming evening wear were shown. Toast and taupe were shown in deeper, richer hues and looked pretty cut in asymmetrical lines.

9. Oscar de la Renta

Show: New York, 2/11/2014
Elegant, polished and fit for royalty as usual, this collection still had a youthful essence. Royal and jade were mixed together to bring relief from the neutral trend. Mixed fabrics, patterns and textures looked fresh in both slim fitted tailored suits and full gowns.

10. Hugo Boss

Show: New York, 2/12/2014

This was a much anticipated show, as it was Jason Wu’s first collection for the brand. Jason Wu, of course, is known as the designer of Michele Obama’s inauguration gowns. Tweeds, neutrals, camel and black were dominant. A much tailored, very controlled collection.

11. Helmut Lang

Show: New York, 2/7/2014

No shortage of camels at this show. Tweeds and knits combined with the neutrals for very wearable separates. The popular cocoon shoulders were also spotted. Here we see how a rich, true red looks fabulous with the camel tone, creating a different mood using color.

What were the top designers showing at the Fall 2014 RTW shows in London? That report will come next.

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Fashion Trend Analyst Diane Weisbeck

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