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Don’t Overlook the Hang Tag


It may almost seem like an afterthought, but the hang tag on the items you display could affect how your customers perceive them. It should attract attention, convey a story and enhance your image. Not only that, but the right hang tag should reflect the feel of your store or brand, so when customers see it, they associate its image with your brand.

But having your store or company logo pre-printed sometimes isn’t enough to stand out. A variety of tags can be printed and die-cut into any shape, and sport a number of bold, colorful designs on both front and back. Retailers need to be creative when designing tags to give them the competitive edge.

If you own a children’s store featuring clothing and toys, tags could be brightly colored and fun, and reflect playful images that children might be attracted to.

If it’s a high-end women’s store, making your tags look elegant and sophisticated might draw in the demographic market you seek.

Hang tags can also be used to explain how to use the product and include an advertising pitch, convincing the customer why it’s a must-buy. You can increase your sales by using hang tags that promote specific items you want your customers to notice.

During the holidays, using the other side of a tag to advertise why an item might make a great gift can pull in shoppers who may have otherwise overlooked merchandise when browsing

You can also give your customers a buying incentive by turning your hang tags into instant gift tags. Simplifying their holiday shopping excursion can make their decision to buy your merchandise that much easier.

Sports and fitness apparel tags can emphasize why the fabrication used excels for a particular activity. Outerwear tags can define the best weather and usage for a specific jacket or coat. An outdoor jacket’s tag can feature a photo with bullet points of benefits.

Often, when clothing is purchased as a gift by someone who knows nothing about the item’s use, the tag becomes the primary source of information.

Tags should be somewhat proportionate in size to the corresponding product. An overly large tag on a T-shirt can just get torn and tattered, rendering it fairly useless. But, if you want to include more information, the tag can be folded in half to include special features that are important to the product or brand.

On the flip side, when paper tags are missing from merchandise, customers are more likely to move on. Tags made from heavier paper stock or material are less likely to be ripped off merchandise.

When using hang tags to emphasize sales, you want to attract attention: Bigger is better—both in size of tag and numbers and dollar signs displayed. Bright colors draw even more attention.

Perforating your hang tag can serve double duty—you can have a detachable coupon or offer, upsell or cross-promote complementary items.

Security is another great reason to have a foolproof tag. Dishonest customers can often give themselves a great deal by removing a lower priced label from one item and applying it to the higher priced label on another product. Special adhesives or tamper-evident security slits can curb this practice. But, customers sometimes get frustrated when a sticky adhesive residue is left on the product once the label is removed. Specialty adhesives that can be easily washed away can make for more satisfied customers long after they’ve left the store.

So, don’t dismiss the value of hang tags. They can enhance security, and draw attention and promote your merchandise, while simultaneously reinforcing the tag’s message. And your store’s brand.

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